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The Growing Need for Android Development

Produced by Android Corporation. and launched by Google, Android is a superb mobile operating-system. It is dependant on Linux kernel and it is designed in many software languages frameworks including XML, Java/ Ajax, Flash, C, C etc. This enables Android Operating System (Operating-system) to aid seamless applications and software’s. Unquestionably, the advantages of android development was needs to be an apparent outcome.

Presently you will find over 100,000 applications obtainable in android market (the official online android application store supplied by Google). This accessibility to applications reflects the functional need for android development. Actually, using the launch of Android Operating System on the market, software development companies (supplying mobile application development) soon comprehend the potentiality of Android for supporting numerous applications, associated with various industries with various functionalities. Furthermore, Android Operating System is integrated with OpenGL ES 2. 3D graphics API (Applications Programming Interface) which enables the android developers to build up wealthy 3D games as part of android application development. Excluding the program languages and OpenGL engine Android Operating System supports and/ or perhaps is integrated many other technologies for example Flash Player 10.1, HTML5, Exchange ActiveSync, Motion Sensor, Accelerometer, Multitasking, Google Voice Search, gyroscopes, multi-touch and much more. Much more, it’s continuously been upgraded by Google. Initially released with version Éclair, it had been updated to two.two Froyo, 2.3/2.4 Gingerbread, 3.4 Honeycomb along with the approaching version referred to as “icecream.” This shows the continual development of Android Operating System in this short time.

For software development companies offering android application development services as well as for android application developers, Google provides an excellent Android SDK (Software Development Package), which enables these to develop great apps and games for Android. The Android SDK mainly includes HTML, XML, C, C , Java/ Ajax, Flash, along with other such languages frameworks. An application development company skilled on these languages will certainly have an add-on advantage. For novices or personal users, Google provides a platform known as Android application inventor, which enables the non-technical user to build up his/ her very own personal apps with no support.

Actually, much like its competitor iPhone, Android will also support numerous apps and offers seamless choices for methods to industries all over the world. Solutions for example:

Inventory Management

Accounting Applications

MIS Reporting

CRM (Crm) integrating Apps

CMS (Managing Contacts System) Apps

Navigational Apps


Office Suites

PDF Readers

Apps integrating Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync support

Industry specific apps

And much more…

Each one is negligence solutions falling underneath the group of Android development.

More to the point, android development isn’t just restricted to cell phone technology. Android Operating System can also be readily available for tablet pc (tab). Actually, support of tab by Android Operating System extends its capacity of supporting better still applications and software’s, all on the bigger display panel. This selection enables the entrepreneur to optimize and manage their business with better functionality. Using the figures into account Android was the very best-selling smartphone OS of the season 2010. The amount reflects its growing demand and recognition within the global mobile market.

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